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The main aim of this project was to deliver an aesthetic company website for a personal stylist. This website is a hallmark type.

The main challenges included, amongst many others, creating the generic portfolio with possibly the easiest and most intuitive content managing system. During the execution, the attention was paid to the tiniest details, including the support for popular search engines, and full multi-device responsiveness.

UmbracoCMS was used to build the site.

Dkostrycharz is a gardening company website. The basic assumptions included creating animated passages between subpages, maintaining minimalism, and sustaining a clear service distinction.

The website is fully responsive and optimised for search engines. The main challenge included constructing animations. Thanks to the generic design, it was possible to easily expand the project at its future stages.

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery were used.
This project was made under the cooperation with EE Ideeas agency.

The main target of this project was to deliver a website of hallmark type to a company working with broadcasting equipment (radio and television) and electronic products.

Main challenges included, among others, the creation of the generic catalogue of products and intuitive information distribution while preserving content of a previous version of a website at the same time. During the execution, the support of popular search engines and full responsiveness were taken into account.

UmbracoCMS was used to build the site.

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